Review Math Skills with an Easy Game of Trashketball

In this post, we’ll learn how to play Trashketball and why it’s such a great game for your math class.

Energize Your Math Students with Trashketball; How to Energize Your Math Students with this Easy Trashketball Game; image of trash can with paper wads

Trashketball is one of the best games I ever played with my students! I wish I had found it earlier in my teaching career. I could use it with just about any math skill I needed. The BEST part though - the students were always engaged and doing math problems so they could throw wads of paper at a trash can. 

Let’s take a look at how to play this engaging math game!

How to Play Trashketball

The idea behind this Trashketball game is that players alternate between solving math problems and shooting a ball into a trash can or hoop. 

  1. To set up your Trashketball game, place a trash can or basket in a visible location and mark a line on the ground a few feet away from it. Players will take turns shooting from this line. You will also need a small ball or some paper wads.

  2. Choose a math skill to practice, such as multiplying decimals, dividing fractions, or solving equations. 

  3. Create a set of problems in a Powerpoint or other doc that you can show to the class.

  4. Create small group teams.

  5. Show the first problem or set of problems to the class. Each team works the problem(s) and takes their sheet to the teacher. If they are correct, then the team will shoot 3 times. The second team with all problems correct will shoot 2 times, and the 3rd team will shoot 1 time. Any team who doesn’t have the problem(s) correct will need to fix them.

  6. Have students shoot baskets between rounds or wait until all rounds are finished. For each basket they make, they’ll earn 1 point.

  7. You can reward the team with the most points at the end.

  8. **You can always adjust any rules to meet the needs of your students.

How to Energize Your Math Students with this Easy Trashketball Game; clipboard with Trashketball problem set surrounded by paper wads

Why Trashketball is a Great Math Game

Trashketball is a great way to practice math skills for several reasons:

💡It’s fun and engaging: Students always want to “shoot baskets” with their trash. We might as well add some math problems in. 
💡It’s competitive: The game is competitive, which can motivate players to do their best and practice their math skills more. (If you have a group that can’t handle competition, then this game is not for them. Try something like Musical Chairs.)
💡It’s adaptable: Trashketball can be adapted to suit different math skills and levels, making it a versatile tool for learning.
💡It’s hands-on: The game involves physical activity and problem-solving, which can help reinforce learning and improve retention.
💡It’s social: Playing the game with classmates can create a social and collaborative learning environment, which can enhance the learning experience.

How to Energize Your Math Students with this Easy Trashketball Game; laptop showing Trashketball problems surrounded by trash can and paper wads

Easy game to play + Energized students + Math skills = Trashketball!

If  you’re looking for a new way to engage your students, Trashketball is definitely a great option to consider.

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