Solve Color Cut: Self-Checking Math Activities

Sometimes your students just aren't interested in math. Maybe they've never been successful in math. Maybe someone in their life isn't good at math and has down played math. When you can combine math with some fun, they are more interested in the activity and don't think about all of the math they are doing.
I love coloring and so did a lot of my middle school students - the girls and the guys. So I created math coloring activities that would get them excited to do math. 

I wanted to take that a step further from the coloring and create a line that would be self-checking and provide a positive message. The Solve Color Cut line evolved from there. 

Completing Printable Solve Color Cut Pages

  1. Students solve the math problems. 
  2. Color the problem pieces and cut them out. 
  3. Then put them on the correct answers to reveal a message.

Solve Color Cut Self-Checking Math Activities print version
☞ Resource in image is Multiply & Divide Integers Solve Color Cut.

Digital Solve Color Cut Versions

Following the closure of schools due to COVID, I went through and created a digital version. This version is sold for use with Google Slides™ but it can be downloaded from your Google Drive as a Powerpoint and will still work well! 

The digital version was not created as a coloring activity but as a drag & drop version. Because of the size of the activity it does take 2 pages, it really is a copy & paste activity in a digital environment.

Solve Color Cut Self-Checking Math Activities digital version
☞ Resource in image is Subtract Decimals Solve Color Cut.

What's Available

You can see below the skills that are currently in my store. Click on the skills you need for your students or GRAB THE BUNDLE!

Solve Color Cut: Self-Checking Math Activities Digital & Print shows TPT resource covers