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Help for Math Remediation

What are Math Intervention Labs?

Math Intervention Labs are printable math packets or digital slides that focus on one skill at a time. These packets are NO PREP and are used to focus on math skills that students need additional help with review or learning the math skill. 
One Step Equations; Math Remediation; Math Intervention

What is included in each Math Intervention Lab?

Each packet includes both the printable and the Google Slides™ Version (some Labs do not have the Google Slides™ Version yet but will soon) of the following:

Teacher Information


✢ How To Sheet for step-by-step directions

✢ Try It - guided practice with the instructor

✢ Practice Sheet

✢ Fun Practice Sheet

✢ Word Problems

✢ Quiz

✢ All Answer Keys (print only)

Check out the video below for a walk through of Multiply and Divide Equations Math Lab.

How are Math Intervention Labs used with students?

You can decide how you want students to use the materials. You can have individual students complete the work, work with the material in small groups, or use them for your whole class. These also work great for math centers, skill review at the beginning of the year, remediation groups, and homework.

How I used Math Intervention Labs with my Resource students

➼ I started with the Pre-test to see which students needed to review the skill. 

 Then I grouped students together and went over the How To and practiced the Try It & Check together.

 Once students seemed to grasp the concept of the skill, I had them complete the Practice Sheet on their own with me checking it after a couple of problems to be sure the student was on track.

 The Just for Fun Sheet has been added since I've been in the classroom but is intended to be completed on their own.

 The Word Problem Sheet (also added since I've been in the classroom) can be completed with the teacher or individually.

 Once students had an opportunity to practice the skill, I had students complete the Quiz to see how they were doing with mastering the math skill. 

Math Intervention; Math Remediation; Multiply Decimals; Decimals
Multiplying Decimals Math Intervention Lab

Math Intervention Labs will make it easy for you to remediate some skills that your students may need extra support in. You can see below which skills I have in my store. Click on the skills you need for your students. 

Don't see a skill that you need? Just let me know. I am continuing to make these as time permits.

Are you looking for more digital resources? Click for Google™ Resources.

One Step Equations, Math Intervention, Math Lab, Math Remediation
Multiply & Divide Equations Math Intervention Lab Pin

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