Tips to Help Students in Math

tips to help students in math; accommodations; resource students

Some students need some accommodations in math to be successful. Here are a few tips that might benefit your students.

 Different types of paper are useful.
   Use a box paper to contain math problems. This is especially helpful for students who might do problems all over the page instead of in an orderly manner.
   If it's a struggle to line up problems and keep them aligned during the solving process, have the student turn their lined paper sideways to line up math problems.
   Another option for lining up struggles would be to have the student use graph paper for their math problems using one number or sign per box.
tips to help students in math; accommodations; resource students
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 Highlighters can be helpful. Be sure to teach the highlighting strategy so students aren't just highlighting the whole page. 
   Teach students to use a highlighter to highlight important numbers and the question in word problems. 
   You can also use a highlighter to highlight a certain type of problem within a mixed problem worksheet. For example, they can highlight all of the adding integers problems on a page of adding and subtracting integers.
 Do you have manipulatives that students can use in math? Things like number lines, 2 color discs (integers), fraction tiles, etc are great for students to use.

 For students who have anxiety or “get worked up” over too many problems on a page, cut the worksheets up for student so they only have a part at a time.
tips to help students in math; accommodations; resource students
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These are just a few ideas that might help some of your students. Comment below any accommodations that you have found helpful in math!

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