What Do You Do with Sticky Notes?

sticky notes in math class, exit tickets, math review

Sticky notes were my favorite thing when teaching. I actually still LOVE them! I sort of have an obsession with them especially the colored ones. So what can you do with sticky notes in the classroom besides all those random notes stuck on your desk and computer?

1) Use sticky notes for a review. Pass a sticky note out to each student. Have students write a math problem on the note they have without the answer. You can be specific about the skill such as write a problem with adding mixed numbers or write a problem that involves finding the area of a triangle. You can also use this as an end of year review or back to school review using skills from the previous year. Collect the notes, and randomly pass them back out to the students for them to solve. OR You can also have students get up, mix around, give their note to someone, and sit back down to solve their new problem. (I'm all about letting students get up and move!) Check answers to see how everyone did.
sticky notes in math class, exit tickets, math review

2) Use sticky notes to create number lines. Give students a small sticky note. Have them write a number from a category (think ordering decimals, integers, fractions, or rational numbers). Divide the students into 2-5 groups depending on your numbers and have them create human number lines. Again students are up and moving in math - BONUS!
sticky notes in math class, exit tickets, math review

3) Give students a sticky note to explain their thinking. Some students get very anxious if they have a whole page to write on. Keeping the explanation space smaller can relieve that anxiety a bit.

4) Do you have students that shut down if they see too many problems on a page? Use sticky notes to cover up some problems on the page. They can remove the sticky notes as they work through the problems.
sticky notes in math class, exit tickets, math review

5) Exit Tickets. No need to print anything off. Pass out a sticky note to each student and have them solve the problem that you put on the board. They can then stick them to a certain board, cabinet door, or wall space as they leave.

Sticky notes just add a little something extra to math. So get yourself a stash of sticky notes and let your students use them! Your students will be excited about math!

Tell me below your favorite thing to do with sticky notes!

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sticky notes in math class, exit tickets, math review


  1. Not specific to math class but I use sticky notes as a way for kids to send me messages and questions. A lot of PD I've taken use "Parking Lots" - a place to post concerns and questions to be answered later. I let my kids write and post whenever inspired. I've found it helps keep us focused on our task at hand. Sometimes they have a questions about the current news or they got sidetracked wondering about something off the immediate topic. They don't need to write their names (but sometimes with 3rd graders you need a clarification!). We answer these whenever we have a few minutes during the week and I try to finish all each Friday. It's been a game changer! I've done this for a few years but this last year the kids started leaving ME compliments on the board :)