Cake Walk Math Style

Cake Walk Math Style | Movement in Math | Math Game | Math Activity | Evaluate Expressions

If you've ever been to a school carnival, you've probably participated in a cake walk. You walk around the circle of numbers with music playing. When the music stops, a number is drawn and the person on that number wins a cake. How about we bring that into the math class? No cakes are involved, but you could do a point system or some type of reward. What it will do is get your students up and moving, completing math problems, and having fun in math class.

1) This game will need space! 
2) Create signs with numbers on them. You can have one large circle for all of your students, do smaller circles and group your students, or have your students partner up and walk together. I also suggest having more numbers than students to give a little space.
3) Each student will need a white board, dry erase marker, and eraser that is easy to handle (maybe a marker with a pom pom eraser glued to the end or a tissue).
4) Music! You might try Pandora. I would mix it up with some salsa or tango music. 
5) Small papers, tiles, or bottle caps with numbers on them. One for each number.
6) A list of math problems you want the students to practice.

How to Play:
1) Students choose a spot in the circle with their white board, marker, and eraser.
2) Call out a math problem for students to solve.
3) Give the students some time to solve the problem and then start the music. Once the music starts, students start walking around.
4) After a short amount of time, stop the music.
5) Draw a number and have the student on that number (or closest to) give the answer. If they are right, you could award points or provide a reward.
*You could also have everyone show their answer before confirming the correct answer and award everyone some points for getting it right.

Below is a free download. I'm including some floor numbers and some small "drawing" numbers for your convenience. I suggest laminating for durability. I've also included Evaluating Expressions problem sets (1 with negatives and 1 with negatives). You can use any set of math problems that you are working on. Click here or on the picture to download.
Cake Walk Math Style | Math Game | Movement in Math | Math Activity | Evaluate Expressions

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Cake Walk Math Style | Math Game | Movement in Math | Math Activity

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