Activities to Celebrate Pi Day

Pi Day Activity Ideas, shows cartoon pi with a pie

I love celebrating Pi Day! For the last couple of years, I set up Pi Day Stations. I grouped the kids and have them move around to different stations. I had plenty of stations so they could move around freely and not on a timer. I also had one class form the numbers with their bodies. It was a small class.

Pi Day Stations

Photos from stations I put together from various sources. Students measured diameters of cookies, colored the numbers for pi, played games, and even had some Pi Day cake.

Pi Day Activities showing some activities from my math classes

Pi Day Activity Suggestions

I've collected a few ideas for you and have a free download as well.

1) Pi Day Food - Have students bring in their favorite circular food to share with the class.

5) If you are interested in Pi Day ideas that are more print (some have cutting required) and go, you can check out my resources in my store: Pi Day Resources.

6) Interested in a free Pi Day resource? Click here or on the image.
Pi Day Spin Activity download for free activity

Need more ideas? Check out this Pi Day post here: Pi Day in Math Class.

Pi Day Activities pin showing cartoon Pi holding a pie