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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Activities to Celebrate Pi Day

I love celebrating Pi Day! For the last couple of years, I set up Pi Day Stations. I grouped the kids and have them move around to different stations. I had plenty of stations so they could move around freely and not on a timer. I also had one class form the numbers with their bodies. It was a small class. Here are some photos:

I've collected a few ideas for you and have a free download as well.

1) Pi Day Food - Have students bring in their favorite circular food to share with the class.

2) Pi Video:

3) Pi Activities:

4) Pi Craft Ideas:

5) Variety of Activities

If you are interested in Pi Day ideas that are more print (some have cutting required) and go, you can check out my resources in my store: Pi Day Resources.

Interested in a free Pi Day resource? Click here or on the image.

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