Digital Learning in Math Stations

Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Computers & Math Stations; Digital Learning

Are you a teacher with a class full of computers? Do you have just a couple of computers for your whole class? Either way, you can incorporate the computer into your math stations or math centers.

Computers & Math Stations; Digital Learning

1) Set up a sign/whiteboard that tells the students what site to visit. Include the URL on your sign if needed. You can create a shortened URL at a site like to help with typing in the URL. 

Here are a few sites that provide a variety of skill options.

--> Khan Academy - Khan Academy is set up for each student to have their own login and work on skills at their level. It includes video instruction and practice. This site is free.

--> Math Playground - This free site includes games to practice skills such as multiplication, division, geometry, fractions, and more.

--> Sheppard Software - This free site includes games to practice skills such as adding fractions, percentages, place value, integers, and more.

2) Share a math activity with your students via Google Classroom or Microsoft One Drive. Be sure to let them know the activity is to be completed during their computer math station time. You can also set up one or two computers with the activity. Be sure to have them make a copy before starting the activity, so the original stays intact and ready for the next student to be at the computer.

--> You can assign students the same practice activity or individualize as needed.

You can find some resources in my store that can be used with technology and are perfect for math stations. Digital Interactive Resources These resources have the students completing math problems and moving pieces. They are engaged and learning!

Let me know in the comments below if you are using computers in your classroom!

Computers & Math Stations; Digital Learning

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  1. Hey Misty, I am using Khan Academy with my son this year. I have heard that it is good to supplement with lessons. Do you recommend giving a mini-lesson before or just when I see he struggles with a concept? Thanks.


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