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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Start Your Year Inspired!

As a new semester or new year gets started, you might find yourself in need of something new for the classroom. It's time for another fabulous Teachers Pay Teachers Site-Wide Sale! Check out your wishlist and don't forget to use the code: START16 at checkout!

There are many new resources at TPT and even a new category. Are you using the Google Drive at your school? Several TPT authors are now selling resources that are compatible with Google Slides. 

Why use resources for Google Slides? 
*They are easy to use and share with your students.
*No standing in line at the copier or trying to fix it. These resources are paperless.
*Students can engage with the slides.

I have a few math resources available. You can check them out here.

Below are some fabulous Digital Resources that can be used with Google Slides.

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