My Office and a Planner Sticker Printable

I spend 40+ hours in my office every week. I am not the neatest person as I'm working. Sometimes my desk is an absolute mess. Then I get so tired of it, and I clean it up. I had this same problem when I was teaching. It didn't matter what organizational tool I tried. Mess was the outcome. (The messiness is in the corner picture.)

I saw a quote on the internet that expressed my viewpoint.

There are a few "must haves" in my office.

1) My Planner. Every week I make my plans and set my schedule just like I did when I was teaching. Except now I have time to make it pretty.

2) My Paper Mate Flair Pens. They are colorful, and I  have a lot of choices.

3) My Inspiration Board. This is brand-new! I used an old bulletin board that I had from teaching, covered it with some pretty fabric, and glued thumb tacks to clothespins and buttons.

4) My Camera Stand. I had Hubby make me a camera stand to help with taking pictures of my products. Love it!

5) My Epson WF 3640 Printer. I had an Epson Artisan printer for years. It finally died, so I bought this one. I hope it lasts as long as the other printer!

I have quite a few more "loves" in my office including my Mac, the stack of storage cubes where I can stand to work on my laptop, the drawer full of snacks, and the laminator.

If you would like some printable planner stickers to help decorate your planner, click here or on the image below for the free download. You can also click on the "planner printable" tag at the bottom of the post to find more free planner printables.

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