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Thursday, August 6, 2015
Little Room Under the Stairs: Thursday Thoughts

Today I'm bringing you some Thursday Thoughts.

What I'm Doing...
School started this week in my school district. It started without me. After much prayer and consideration over the last year, I resigned and stepped away from being in a classroom for now (maybe for good). Why after 19 years did I step away? Reason 1: I found myself in a toxic work environment after some work changes. Reason 2: Keeping up with the paperwork in Special Ed was taking the fun out of teaching. Reason 3: I was going to be moved to a different job. Instead of working with Resource students where there was a behavior or two, I would be working with behavior students all day, every day. So I stepped away. 

What I'm Reading...
I'm reading right now - Making Good Habits by Joyce Meyer. 

What I'm Listening to...
I've been enjoying some podcasts in the morning including those by Pat Flynn and Mia Davies.

What's New...
The family joined our local gym. We've managed to exercise every day this week including our 6 AM trip this morning.

What I'm Creating...
I'm working on updating covers and products. I just gave this set of rounding task cards a major facelift.
Rounding Task Cards

Quote to Share...
Thursday Thoughts attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference
source: Saying Book
As you head back to school this year, one area to look at often is your attitude. The teacher's attitude goes a long way in helping the classroom environment. It's hard when that one kid is always late to class and not prepared. It's hard when that one kid gets 5 others off-task. It's hard when half the class didn't do their homework. I know I didn't always have the right attitude with students. Every day is a challenge, but your attitude with those easy and difficult situations makes all the difference. Go make a difference this year with a positive attitude.

What is your favorite quote right now?

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