Teacher Favorites

Thursday, August 27, 2015
Teacher Favorites

Teachers always have their favorites. No, I am not talking about those "perfect" students who are known as the "teacher's pet". I'm talking about favorite items for your classroom. Here are a few items that I think are must-haves for the classroom.

1) Colored pens. I just love color! Having colorful pens to write and grade with makes life even better.
Teacher Favorites Flair Pens

2) Fun dice. As a math teacher, we use dice a lot with different activities. I was able to be gifted a bag of what I call "fun dice". They have a variety of sides and numbers. Perfect for multiple uses during math time.
Teacher Favorites Fun Dice

3) A good pencil sharpener. When I say good, I want it to last more than a year. That's what I told the salesman at the office supply store. That was after going through 6 pencil sharpeners (both electric and manual) in ONE year! I love my Bostitch Quiet Sharp 6. It's lasted 2 years through middle schoolers usage.
Teacher Favorites Good Pencil Sharpener

4) A stash of colored copy paper. I told you I love color. Well, the kiddos do too. Printing an activity or worksheet on colored paper once in awhile just gives it more pizazz. This is a great alternative if you can't print those colored games or task cards. Just print them in grayscale on colored paper. The kids enjoy the change from white paper.
Teacher Favorites Colored Paper

5) Last but definitely not least - chocolate. I also have a "chocolate" drawer (or two). You can never have too much chocolate in my opinion when working with middle schoolers.
Teacher Favorites Chocolate

Leave me a comment about your favorite classroom items.

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