Back to School: Planning

Tuesday, July 21, 2015
back to school teacher planner

It's that time of year to be thinking of going back to school. Perhaps some of you have already started. An important part of going Back to School is picking out a planner that will work for you! Some years I was given a planner and some years I was left to my own devices. The school purchased ones never seemed to fit my needs. I tried online plan books, but I decided I'm a paper-kind-of-gal. After playing around with different formats, I finally created one that I liked and worked for me.

I have recently started decorating my home planner with washi tape and stickers. It seems to be all the rage. :) I have created some free stickers that match the colors of my Teacher Planners. These are for PERSONAL USE ONLY! You can download them here or click on the picture below.

planner sticker sheets

My teacher planner comes in two different color schemes (linen and navy/pink/green) and is all editable. You can choose your cover color and add your name and the school year. You can also move the lines around on the 2-page plan sheet spread. 

Do you have a planner you like to use?

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