What's the Story?

Sunday, January 4, 2015
Jenny from Art with Jenny K. posed a great question - What's the story behind the logo?
Here's my story:
When it was time to design my blog, I looked around and decided I didn't want to pay for a blog design at the time. I had just spent 3 years designing digital scrapbook kits and decided I could do it for free. After looking through my stash of papers and graphics, I came up with a design. At first my logo looked like this:

It represented my love for math and hands on learning and my products for my TPT store. I used this for about 4 months. Last winter while I was stuck at home with the snow coming down, I decided to make some changes to my logo. Here's what I have now:
I kept some of the math items (I kept the math items in my headers) and added this cute little girl. Why? Because that's me. I always loved school when I was younger. I would also wear skirts a lot and pull my hair back. 

My store logo is very similar. I wanted to keep the idea of my product logo and add my picture.
Now the story behind my name. My TPT store is just my name: Misty Miller. I know - not very creative! I opened my store in August 2013 while sitting around bored to death after my surgery. I had purchased items from TPT before but never thought about selling. Then one day I thought, "Hey, I make things for my classroom. I bet I could sell some of the stuff." So I quickly opened and store and just gave it my name. 

My blog, however, became Little Room Under the Stairs. That is where my classroom is located in my current building and it is a "little room" - half the size of the normal classrooms. Whenever the new school year starts, I always tell my 7th graders that we're like Harry Potter. Of course they want to know how. I tell them we are in the "little room under the stairs". (Yes, I know it was a cupboard under the stairs.)

So that's my story! What's yours? You can link up below.


  1. Misty, I love your logo and the little girls is so cute. Thanks for sharing!
    Smarticle Particles

  2. I love the "little room under the stairs" that is so cute!!!---what a memorable year for your students ...the year they were "under the stairs"...I love the cut out holes in your logo--the banner of your blog is so nice...thank you for linking up!!!


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