Supermarket Saturday: December Holidays

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Lesson Deli ladies are bringing you some help for the next 2 weeks of school. We have a roundup link of our December Holiday products that you might be able to fit into your next 10 days.

I have a couple of products in my store including a Christmas Math Activities packet.

This packet included 9 Christmas related products.
*Dividing with 2 Digit Divisor Color Sheet {with answer key}
*Coordinate Plane {with answer key}
*Find the Area of Triangles/Rectangles Christmas Trees {2 versions for differentiation - one with decimals and one with whole numbers, answer keys included}
*Equivalent Ratios Color Sheet {with answer key}
*4 Operations with Mixed Numbers {with answer key}
*Multiplying Decimals Christmas Color Sheet {with answer key}
*Add & Subtract Integer Maze {Christmas decorated and plain versions included, plus answer key}
*Christmas Tree Art Project - Find Areas of Triangles and Rectangle
*Math Advent {includes 24 advent pieces with a math problem on each, a blank page for your own problems, 24 numbered pieces to attach to the front of the math problems if desired so the problems are hidden}

Skills included on the Advent pieces:
*Evaluate Expressions - 1 variable & 2 variable
*Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide Decimals
*Add Fractions & Mixed Numbers with Unlike Denominators
*Multiply & Divide Fractions
*One-step Equations
*Subtract, Multiply Integers
*Order of Operations
*Fraction, Decimal, Percent

Grades 5-8

I put up the advent tree on my cabinet. I choose one student each class period to answer the math question. I also give them a candy bar for a treat after answering the question. We are using this to countdown to Christmas break.

My 8th graders were working on area of triangles this past week. We took notes and practiced using the Christmas Tree Farm page. On Thursday we started the Christmas Tree Art Project. They measured and cut out their triangles and rectangle and glued their trees together. We still need to do the math and find the area of our trees and, of course, decorate them.

I will be using some of the other pages here and there over the next 2 weeks.


You can use these pages for early finishers, review of a concept, or stations/centers.


You can find some of my other winter products in my store.

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