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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Active Learning

I whole-heartedly believe in active learning. Students learn more by taking an active role in their learning. I mostly teach remediation math classes to Jr. High resource students. If I have them sit for too long, then their attention span goes out the window. I like to get them up and moving. If they are sitting in their seats, then many times they are cutting and pasting in their notebooks or playing a game. The games still involve math but I consider it "active" math. The students get the same practice but enjoy it much more.

You can easily incorporate some active learning into your lessons.

1) Interactive Notes - cut/paste, color, fill-in-the-blanks, etc.
2) Games - relays, board races, board games, matching, trashketball, etc
3) Projects that relate to the concept being taught
4) Use Plickers for quick assessments
5) Pair up students by having them make a match with task cards

Here are some other ideas: 40 Active Learning Strategies for Active Learners.

How do you incorporate active learning in your classroom?

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