Engaging Students in Math

Friday, September 5, 2014
One of my goals, like other teachers, is to get my kiddos engaged and enjoying class. Some days are just sit in your seat and take notes. Most days are let's get moving and practicing math. I started the year off with a "Find Someone Who" activity. I have small classes and didn't want the typical "who has a cat", "who went out of state this summer", etc. I created a "Find Someone Who" activity with math problems. The students moved around the room (no sitting allowed) and had to talk to others.

Have people answer their math problems correctly

1. You cannot solve the problems yourself.
2. You may ask an adult in the room.
3. You cannot have the same person solve two (or more) problems in a row. 
4. No sitting allowed, and you must move around.

My students were very engaged. At first they tried to buddy up or stand in one spot. I reminded them of the rules and they figured it out. Most of the kiddos actually enjoyed themselves and couldn't believe they were having fun doing math.

"Find Someone Who" doesn't just have to be for Back to School. You can do this at any time of the year! Just create a 5x5 grid of math problems, copy, and go. 

If you are interested in mine, you can pick it up in my store: Back to School Activities.

What activities are you doing to get your kids moving?

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  1. That looks really fun! I'm going to try this - my 1st period class is SO quiet and passive (so far. I'm sure in a few months I will be thinking of this quiet time fondly haha). :)


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