Classroom Organization Tips for a Small Space

Monday, August 4, 2014
Classroom Organization Tips for a Small Space

I have a small room (hence the name Little Room Under the Stairs) so organization is very important. 

1. Choose a few colors to decorate the room. Small rooms are not a place to go hog wild. A little goes a long way! My cabinets are blue and my walls are a yellowish cream color. I use blue, yellow, and green for my color scheme.

Classroom Organization Tips for a Small Space: colors

2. Downsize as much as possible. When I moved into my new room, I had 11 boxes of trade books that I had purchased while teaching elementary resource. That took up a lot of space in my cabinets, so out they went. I wasn't using them and wouldn't be in the near future. Go through your files and get rid of duplicates. Get rid of things you aren't using any more. Be sure to see if someone else might want what you are getting rid of.

3. Use your cabinets to their full potential. I have 6 cabinet doors. Doors 1 & 2 (yes, I number my doors) are math games, door 3 is where I'm going to put my absent work/need an extra copy holder, door 4 is for student work, and doors 5 & 6 are for exit tickets. I can also hang things on the inside with 3M hooks.

4. Group your desks together. I have so much more space when I have desks grouped in small groups than when they are all spread out. For me losing some of the desks is not an option. I so wish I had tables, but they didn't ask.

5. Organize and label everything! When things are organized in the same way and nice and neat, the room looks better. In small rooms, you tend to notice these things. All of my supplies are organized on shelves and labeled so the kids can grab a box of what they need. I don't have a filing cabinet. I use drawers for each of my math areas. I just finished sorting everything out and labeling them. It does work best to invest in similar types of storage boxes/bins. The items inside my cabinets are my next task!
Classroom Organization Tips for a Small Space: 3 drawer storage 
Classroom Organization Tips for a Small Space: labels

Get your classrooms organized!

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  1. You are so right about getting rid of the duplicates! Great ideas. Caitlin

  2. I loved your labeled file drawers

  3. Hi Misty! I liked your color scheme tips for a small room. The colors you chose are very soothing, calm colors and work well together. I like your file drawers idea too. I have a few but am thinking that since I have so few cabinets in my room that I could use some more.

  4. I love organization... Ocd at its finest. Wish list in rafflecopter

  5. I love how organized you are! I'm trying to squish 35 desks into my classroom AND have room for a gathering place for writing. Eek :(

  6. I LOVE your color scheme. It's so soothing! And girl, you are OR.GA.NIZED! Can you come by my classroom!! Please ;) Great post! I will definitely have to put these tips into action.

  7. I agree that it's all about prioritizing what you actually need and then getting it filed neatly - I think I have just managed to do this after two years!!! It took that time to really sort out what I really needed and then use my first week of holidays to do the ruthless sorting!!

  8. You have so many fun looking games in your store!! I can't choose just one!
    I love your organization! All your tips are things I'm working on right now. :) It's hard work, but so worth it!

  9. Love your organizational tips !!!


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