Special Educator Blog Hop

Jamie at Tales of a Carolina Girl is hosting a Special Educator Blog Hop. The Hop's theme is "Back to School Advice". She has a linky on her blog of those participating.

Name: Misty

Job Title: Resource Teacher

Grade: 7th-8th

Years of Teaching: This will be year 19. I spent 12 years with grades K-5 before being moved to 7th-8th.

Advice: My advice when working with special ed students is to provide information in a variety of ways.

*Oral directions.
These can work if:
1) you talk at a normal speed - talking too fast and they might as well be texting
2) give bits or chunks of information at a time - not one long lecture
If I am talking/lecturing/carrying on orally, half of my class tunes me out after a couple of words.
photo source: ADDitude Magazine

*Visuals are very important! Some kids just need to see it while they hear it. I am one of those people myself, especially if it is information that is long and drawn out. 
You can:
1) Use a lot of colorful powerpoint slides to help maintain their attention. Be careful. Slides should not be too distracting or cluttered. Find a balance.
2) Have examples of each step and finished product. Some students just need to "SEE" your product expectations. 
photo source: anoved.net
*Hands On Opportunities
Provide students a way to interact with the lesson such as:
1) Creating a concept foldable.
2) Fill in the blank notes.
3) Using manipulatives during the lesson.
4) Going to the board to participate in the lesson.

*Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.
Repeating information is great for all sorts of students. Yes, you will have to repeat directions. You have those students who will always need directions repeated no matter what.
You can:
1) Call the student's name prior to giving directions so they know specifically where you are going to read.
2) Stand by the student and point on the student's page as you read directions.
3) Give directions to the class and then review them with the one(s) who needs it. Sometimes you have to pick your battles.

School starts for me at the end of July. Have a great year!