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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Workin' On It Wednesday

Yep, I know it's Thursday and not Wednesday. I just didn't have time or feel like posting yesterday. I had an MRI in the afternoon and a headache the rest of the day.

I'm linking up with Ellie from Middle School Math Moments for Workin' On It Wednesday.

Last year I looked into some various math online sites where my students could get some extra practice. I had hoped to incorporate a little more technology into my math classes. It kind of went to the back burner when I ended up with 2 new people in my department of 3, surgery for my melanoma, and lots of other things. My principal happened to mention a site in our department meeting last month - Khan Academy. I had heard of them and come to find out had signed up last when I was looking at various sites. So I immediately signed all of my kiddos up for Khan Academy. It was easy peasy.
Why I'm Impressed:
1. It's free! Need I say more?

2. It starts the students off with a pre-test and then assigns them areas to work on.

3. Provides for differentiation.

4. If the students need some instruction in the skill, there is a video for them to watch and hints to walk them through the problem.

5. I can see their progress, what they worked on, and for how long. 

6. The computer automatically has skills for them to work on, but I add skills to their dashboard if I want. 

6. It's great for early finishers or whole class.

My students have been doing a few minutes here and there the last couple of weeks when their work is finished. Today my room was about 55-60 degrees when I got there. I decided it was time to spend our class period with everyone on a computer in a warmer location. The librarian didn't have classes today, so we were in luck. Off to the library we went!
My kids were fabulous. They worked the whole time. There were a couple that lazed around a bit but not much. Now to look at the data and see where we are at.

*I am not affiliated with Khan Academy. I am just a teacher using it in her classroom.

What are you working on right now?

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