Sunday, March 2, 2014
I can't believe we are already starting March! The year is already flying by. I am linking up with Farley from Oh Boy 4th Grade for this month's Currently.

Listening: It's true! One boy is at soccer and not sure where hubby and other son are at. All I hear is silence with the furnace kicking on now and then.

Loving: I woke up to find my freebie in the Teachers Pay Teachers Newsletter! I was doing the happy dance this morning.

Thinking: I just woke up from a nap, and I am getting ready to enjoy a tasty Snickerdoodle Bar. I love this recipe from Lil' Luna. They are scrumpcious!
{photo source: Lil' Luna}

Wanting: I am so wanting the snow to stop and Spring to arrive! At least they decreased the total of snow for us today to only 2-4 inches.

Needing: I am needing to start exercising again. I have gained several unwanted pounds. Yes, I know eating Snickerdoodle Bars is not a way to get rid of unwanted pounds. But they are delicious!!

?????: What do these 3 things have in common? {two boys, a cake, and a car}

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