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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Currently February

Winter around here has come in all its glory. We have very cold temperatures and snow covering the ground. Here's a pic out my bedroom window. We are expecting 1-3 inches this weekend. :)
I have finally gotten around to doing the monthly Currently that Farley at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade hosts.

Listening: I am listening to my computer playlist - a lot of Christian Artists including JJ Heller, Mark Harris, Amy Grant, Newsboys, and Mike's Chair.

Loving: It is a rare moment at home on Saturday. No hard bleachers for me today. Wrestling season takes almost every Saturday from mid-November through February. My son did not make it to Regionals after being dropped on his head (concussion) last Saturday at Sectionals. (not loving that part)

Thinking: I should be working on my TPT product or cleaning my house. Instead I'm on the internet doing a whole lot of nothing.

Wanting: I would like to make some cookies today. ♥

Needing: Laundry is calling my name.

Truths and Fib: Truth - I did design digital scrapbook kits for 3 years until the store closed last August. I designed under the name of Designs by Snowlady. Fib - The whole chocolate thing. I LOVE chocolate. I could eat it all day long. If it's chocolate, it's my friend. Truth - I was Grand Bethel Honored Queen in 1999-2000. The title is for a state officer in Job's Daughters. 


  1. I hear you on worrying about your son and a possible concussion! Mine played high school hockey and suffered two in his time. Those trips to the emergency room were never fun! I hope your son is feeling better!

    I plan to "break and bake" snickerdoodles and watch the Olympics later. I should be doing laundry and TPT stuff also, but am feeling a bit lazy yet today!

  2. Baking cookies sounds so tempting! Especially in this cold weather!!



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