Snowy Day and Freebies

Thursday, January 2, 2014
It was a winter wonderland when I woke up this morning! Yes, that makes me happy. I just LOVE snow (as long as I'm not driving in it)! It did give me a chance to put together a couple of freebies. I am posting one here on my blog and one on my facebook page.

I came across this lesson yesterday on Fraction Funnies. 

I decided to put some of my own Fraction Funnies together and share them with you. You can download the winter cards by clicking here.

Head over to my Facebook page to pick up some Valentine Fraction Funnies.

Theses Fraction Funnies do require some simplifying. The original lesson listed 3rd & 4th grade as the target audience. I plan to use these with my 7th & 8th graders in my remediation classes.

If you have snow on the ground or green all around, I hope you have a fantastic start to the new year!

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