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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Made for the Classroom

Sometimes I like to project a game board onto my large whiteboard. I have small classes (5-10 kiddos) and this works well for us. I choose a game board and drop it into powerpoint, turn on the projector, and we are off and running with the game. One problem I had was playing pieces. I needed a different magnet for each student. I rummaged through my desk to find some different magnets that would work.  I found some plain button magnets and some critter magnets.

Of course, the kids liked the critters better than the plain ones. 

I was in Dollar Tree and found some critter foam stamps. They were a great size for playing pieces. I picked up some jungle stamps and some ocean stamps. I already had some round magnet pieces and hot glue.

I hot glued the magnets to the back of the stamp, and they are ready to use.

Our game was from The Enlightened Elephant: Order of Operations Board Game.

Do you have something you've made for your classroom recently? Feel free to leave a link in the comments!

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