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Sunday, November 3, 2013
One of activities I like to do is what I call: Around the Room. I post math problems on cards around the room for the kids to work. These can be from the same unit of study or as a review.

My rules are simple for this activity.
1) No more than 2 students at a card at a time.
2) You must move to the card, not sit at a desk and look around to see what you can see.
3) You must write the problem down and solve showing work.

This type of activity gives the kids a chance to move - 7th & 8th graders need that! It's different from getting a worksheet and solving 20-30 problems. My kids seem to enjoy it - "Hey, Mrs. Miller. I like this better than sitting around doing a worksheet." :) Always makes me smile when I hear that!

Here are some of my kiddos.

For this activity you can use any pre-made cards or make your own. I used Christina Knapp's Order of Operations - Scavenger Hunt for Middle Schoolers found at TPT. I printed in color and had my librarian laminate them for me. Since the kids aren't touching the cards you wouldn't have to laminate.

This activity does take awhile for them to complete. I usually allow 2 class periods of 30 minutes each.

It's time to get our students up and moving! 

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