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Monday, October 28, 2013
A few weeks ago my students added some foldables to their math notebooks for information on polygons. We ended up making 3 foldables - one for general info on polygons, one for specific triangles, and one for specific quadrilaterals. We also put a definition/examples/non-examples of polygons on the page.

Side Note: I printed this at the wrong size and just reprinted. That's why the extra printing is there. :P

My assistant and I put together the blank foldables below. These ended up being a small size and the kids would have struggled with them. The kids then took the notes to create what you see.

You can purchase the purple foldable in my TPT store: Polygons Fold Over for Math Journals.

Today we played a review game as we are starting our Area Unit. I gave the kids each a card with a shape on it. I set the "names of the shapes" cards on the white board ledge and told the kids to go find the name of their shape. They then sat down with their 2 cards. I then put the "definition" cards on the white board ledge and had the kids go pick theirs out and sit down. It was interesting to watch the kids. Here's what I saw:
  *Some looked back at their foldables to find answers (which was fine - they just couldn't ask another student) before they went to the board.
  *Some took any card without much thought.
  *Some were sure someone else took their card. - I told them they could go look at the ones already taken.
After everyone had 3 cards, it was time to see if they were the right cards. I had each student come to the front and hand me their "shape" card. I asked them to identify their shape. If they were correct, we moved on to the definition. If they were incorrect, I took the "name" card and put it back on the ledge and told them to go find the correct "name" card from those seated. We did the same for the definition cards. 

We definitely need more practice with our polygons!

I have small classes - 7-10 kids per class. With a large class, you can give a different card to everyone and have them find the partners to their card by forming groups of 3 - one with the "shape" card, one with the "name" card, and one with the "definition" card.

Interested in this game? You can purchase it from my TPT store: Mix & Mingle Polygons.

You can pick up a free version of this game with lines and angles in my TPT store: Mix & Mingle Lines and Angles.

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  1. This sounds like a fun lesson! I need to do something like this with my group. We just started geometry last week, I see such potential for fun stuff like this!



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