Classroom Organization

I just love Pinterest. I always great ideas for home and the classroom. I came across this post from Create Teach Share. She has all of her supplies labeled. I knew I needed that! After looking at some different styles of containers, I chose some separate boxes and created labels. My picture is terrible but I'm posting anyways. Each box is labeled with what supplies are in it. Here's mine:

Here is what each label looks like:

It's great to have everything organized and labeled. The kids know which box to get into for what they need.
Then I took it a step further - my papers needed help. I do not have a filing cabinet and needed something to help me out. I found this great idea at The Cornerstone.
I bought some 3 drawer containers, created some labels, and started sorting. Here's mine:

I still need to do a little more work and create a few more labels, but I LOVE it so far!

My next dilemma was what to do with absent work. Sometimes it's foldables. Sometimes it's worksheets. My room is small and I needed an answer. Off to Pinterest I go. I knew there had to be an answer on there, and there was! I found this file folder paper organizer tutorial from Remarkable Home.
There are a lot of different versions of this. I think this is the one I kind of used. I say kind of because I used duct tape on the sides instead of ribbon and covered my plain folders with scrapbook paper that I had lying around. Here's mine:

I still need to put labels on but it is keeping extras very handy. :)

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