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Monday, August 31, 2015

Sunday Stations - Whole Class Stations with Decimals

Sunday Stations Math Whole Class Stations

I do realize that it's Monday. I just didn't work very hard over the weekend. If fact, I spent a great deal of time on the couch (by choice) watching MASH.
Sunday Stations Math Whole Class Stations

For this week's Sunday Math Stations, I'd like to share with you how I would do math stations with the whole class at the same time. 

Sunday Stations Math Whole Class Stations
*Disclaimer: I had class sizes of 5-12 students.*

* I would choose 4 activities and spread them out around the room.

* I assigned students to small groups using a handy dandy app called List Selector. (I know there are many group-assigning apps out there. This is the one I found and used.)

* Students spend 2 days going through the stations with their partner or small group. I set a timer to let students know when to switch stations. We always moved clockwise around the room.

* Any finished recording sheets were turned in each day so they weren't lost.

*You always have that student who shows up one day and not the other. If they showed up on Day 1 of class stations and I was using pairs, I would pair up with the lone partner or send the lone partner to a new group. If someone showed up on Day 2, I just assigned them to a group. Also with absent students, if I wanted them to do the work, I would have them do it during a work day.

I have a few station products in my store including my brand new product: Decimal Operations Stations. It's like a party in a box. The stations include 4-5 activities and some have an interactive notebook piece. 

Here's what is included in my Decimal Operations Stations:

1) Decimal Operations Tab Book
I always do the notes and examples with the students first. If this is a review, you could leave it as a station for the students to put together and check their work on the examples.
Sunday Stations Math Decimal Operations Interactive Notebook

2) Daring Decimal Coaster Board Game (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide Decimals)
It includes a game board, game cards, playing pieces, paper dice, directions, and an answer key.
Sunday Stations Math Decimal Operations Board Game

3) Square Puzzles
There are 2 square puzzles (4 x 4) included - one with addition and subtraction of decimals and one with multiplication and division of decimals. A work mat (to glue the pieces together) and answer keys are also included. Instead of printing a puzzle for everyone, you could print one or two of each, laminate them, and cut them apart. Then students could put the puzzle together, check their answers, and mix it up for the next group.
Sunday Stations Math Decimal Operations Square Puzzles

4) Decimal Draw Card Game
In this card game, students draw 2 cards and spin the operation spinner. They solve their problem and have their partner check the answer. If they are correct, they keep the cards. If not, they return the cards to the bottom of the pile. 40 game cards, directions, and a spinner are included.
Sunday Stations Math Decimal Draw Card Game

5) Money Word Problem Task Cards (Amusement Park Themed Problems)
There are 12 task cards with money word problems. No tax is involved. A recording sheet and answer key are also included.
Sunday Stations Math Decimal Money Word Problem Task Cards

Have you tried whole class stations? Let me know in the comments.

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