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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Stations - Math & Riddle Sheets

Sunday Stations Math & Riddle Sheets

I hope you are having a great weekend! The weather here is a bit cooler, and we are able to open the windows. I love a good breeze blowing through the house.

This week for Sunday Stations - Math I am bringing you math practice with some humor - Riddle Sheets. 
Sunday Stations Math & Riddle Sheets

Riddle Sheets are a way for students to practice a specific math skill but in a fun way. Students solve the problem and find their answer down below. They write the letter in the blank for the answer. These are great for self-checking practice! My students always enjoyed solving for the answer to the silly riddle.
Sunday Stations Math & Riddle Sheets

Riddle Sheets can be added to a station as is. Just make enough copies, put in a folder, and put the folder at the station. You can also differentiate by having different skills in different colored folders and assigning students a color. 

Now if you want want to use these in a way that looks less like a worksheet, follow the steps below.

1) Print out one copy of the riddle sheet you want to use in your station. Grab some colored index cards (or cut up some colored paper), scissors, glue stick, and a small binder ring (missing from photo).
Sunday Stations Math & Riddle Sheets

2) Cut the riddle sheet up by each problem keeping the letter with the problem. Also, cut off the riddle with answer blanks. Glue each riddle problem to an index card or colored piece of paper.
Sunday Stations Math & Riddle Sheets

3) Laminate the cards if desired. Punch a hole in the corner of all of the cards and put them on a binder ring. You can make enough copies of the riddle for each student, or you can laminate one copy for students to use with a dry erase marker.
Sunday Stations Math & Riddle Sheets

4) Your riddle sheet cards are now ready for your students to use in your math station!

If you are interested in some of my Riddle Sheets, you can find them in my TPT store.
Riddle Sheets

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