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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Repurposing Old Games Part 1

My students live for walking into the room and finding out we are playing a game. They don't care that they will have to do some type of math problems. They just care that it's a GAME!

Special math game boards can get pricey. SOLUTION - garage sales. I know you won't find that many math games at a garage sale especially for upper grades. You can buy regular game boards and repurpose them for your specific need. You don't even need all of the pieces.

My first game repurpose: Shrek 2. This will work with any board game where you answer a card, spin or roll the dice, and move around the board.

This game included a great game board, playing pieces, a spinner, cards, and dice. For this repurpose I can use the board, playing pieces and spinner.

My 7th/8th grade boys would love to use the cards especially these:
BUT I'll pass!

I created some game cards with integer problems. {That's what my 8th graders need to review.} I printed them out on plain copy paper. Then I ran them through my Xyron 510 to put adhesive on one side. After that I attached the problem to one side of the card and the game name to the other.
I now have a fun game that my kiddos can play to review integers. Yes, they'll love the Shrek game board!

The dice from this game will be saved to use for another repurposed game.

~$0.50 for the game
~$0.05 for 7 sheets of copy paper 
~$1.65 for some adhesive
Total: $2.20

Yes, it took a little time to put it together but cheap and well worth it!

If you would like the cards, answer key, and directions download here. Remember you will need to provide your own game board, playing pieces, and spinner or dice.

Have you ever re-purposed a game before? I'd love to hear about it. Stay tuned for some more repurposed games!

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  1. Great idea - there are so many old games boards out there (cheap or free) that are some variation on "answer the question, roll or spin,move around the board." This would work great for English too - maybe for reviewing vocabulary or parts of speech.



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